How long does it take usually to master meditation?

Ricardo J.
What does it mean to "master" meditation? It would depend on your expectation, and probably one could argue that there are different levels of mastery. In my opinion, the most important thing to do is to start, the second is to stick with it, incorporate it into your daily routine… make space for it in your life! Meditations can be short, guided sessions, or long, silent ones. Guided sessions are good to start. Meditation retreats are good to progress in the practice. Mastery comes with time and perseverance.
Wesley Q.
The short answer: there is no answer. Everyone is different and meditation is a personal journey. So while some may find it easy to slip into a meditative state, others might need more practice. The key is to practice and stick with it. And focus on the breath.
An Bal Q.
I dont know. Not at master level yet. Still getting into the habit. I do not have a coach or mentor, perhaps that is the way to go.
August F.
It can take a while to find the right meditation for you. It took me many attempts at meditation and many different apps and styles before I felt it was working for me. Now I look forward to it everyday.
Gavin Z.
For me it take 1 month because I want not good at it but some people get it in a week like my sister and then some take 2 months. It is who u are and what u do that affects it.
Marius Z.
The key to mastering anything is consistency. In order to master meditation you need to be consistent for two weeks to get yourself in the habit.
Philip F.
I’ve used guided meditation for many years. But to be present and truly focused within is quite challenging. I’m doing a course on meditation right now, and one of the interesting things is understanding how the mind works and controlling where your mind focuses on. I know meditation can help you focus your mind because you practice when meditating, but also if you practice focus during your day, eliminate distractions this will also help you when you meditate. Like all things start slowly a few minutes of meditation every morning and increase by a few minutes every week. I’m up to 15mins a day but my mind still wanders but I just bring it back. You can use gratitude in your meditation to help focus . 🙏🏼
Victoria Z.
You can't ever master meditation, but that's not the point of meditating.
The way I see it you're doing it right if you manage to sit down regularly. It doesn't matter how many thoughts swirl through your mind, as long as you do it again tomorrow. And, gradually, the thoughts will become less and less.
Elmar S.
I'm no expert, but I think meditation is a life long challenge you can never master. find motivation in keeping more mindful for longer every day.
Carter O.
Your entire life. You never master it. It's easier to meditate when you first start because you come to it with a sincere mind. Zen mind beginners mind.
Nils E.
I don't think its a task easily done and not sure if possible at all. Probably the best you can do is take away any judgement of how is your meditation. It's just what it is. I am 4 years in, and the meditation can be steady or distracted – it just depends on the state of my mine
Gerald T.
Meditation isn't about mastering anything. You have nothing to achieve or to become better at. You will get better at it but it's not the purpose. The concept of meditation lies in accepting what is, being gentle to yourself and stop putting objectives to yourself. Keeping focus on you breath isn't the ending objective, it's just a tool, and each time you come back to your breath, each time you're becoming better at it. It'd be stressful to put yourself in a state of "I need to stop thinking" or "I need to stop being distracted" because this is what your mind does, you can't stop it. You don't want to stop breathing, why would you want to stop thinking? Meditation is about observing your breath and your thoughts, when they come, you may not realize it on the moment and get sucked in, but then you come back, and each time you do so, you're getting better at identifying distractions and thoughts from reality which is physical perceptions such as breath, sensations, temperature, points of pression… This is the core of the practice. Even meditation masters get distracted, lost in thinking, have difficult emotions to deal with. There is nothing to master, there are only opportunities to come back to the present moment, the reality, when your mind does its thing.