Can you meditate while driving?

M Lvin P.
I’ve done so before with good results. The app I use, Balance, actually has meditations intended specifically to be done while driving.
Gleisy O.
I meditate while driving by focusing on the driving rather than my breath or something more typical of meditation. Otherwise, I think it’d be too dangerous. So, if you do like me and stay in the moment of driving, then yes, you can meditate while driving.
Soan P.
I think that it is possible to do a form of meditating while driving. I was taught a walking meditation that you do with your eyes open which is a warm up for the sitting meditation with your eyes closed. I do not think it is safe to do a deep meditation while you are driving. I have done long distances and wish the opposite and have given this a lot of thought. I think it is safer to do something like brain training, being aware of your thoughts and then also saying I am statements or repeating statements that are positive and helpful for you. “I love and appreove of myself” “I am blissful bountiful and beautiful.” Some may considerthis a meditation so I think the lines are blurred but the one pointed place where the mind goes during a deep meditation I do not think it is possible to do while driving and if it is it’s certainly not safe. If however someone else is driving!! Absolutely possible! 🙂
Pierre O.
I have never tried
It but I guess you can be mindful and alert at all times. At the traffic lights, observe everything that is going on