How do I resist other people’s energy so I can relax?

Anatole Y.
My coach suggested to write a journal each morning as soon as I wake up so I can identify how I feel and know the difference of the feeling I add from other people energy or interaction. That way I have more management ability to go back to my own feeling.

Tamta T.
Maybe will be good to try meditation and have a time for yourself.
Try some easy meditations provided by fabulous and keep
going you can do everything !

Almira Q.
I find myself in this situation often, when someone energy is so powerfull that it let you forget how important yours is. Well the thing is we always look for peoples acceptance but for you to relax you need to accept your own energie.

Timothy N.
I used to struggle with this as well. Self talk is the answer, simply tell yourself: “I’m so relieved to know that I don’t have to continue carrying this energy”, while you are doing that visualize and feel the weight that is lifted. Be confident that you are worth creating your own narrative.

Carlos P.
Resist is a tough word. Instead try choosing not to respond. Literally, don’t answer the text, literally don’t reply to a trigger statement, literally choose to ignore the happening that is causing you to crave to lash out and instead feel your body senses. What does it feel like in your body to want to respond, what part of your body is it coming from? Are you breathing deeply if not take a deep breath. Resist not, just don’t respond see how much easier that feels 🥰