How do you focus your thinking to one problem/idea to resolve it through meditation?

Christian B.
In my experience meditation is all about emptying your thoughts which has helped me resolve problems and also develop on ideas.
Andrea N.
I do not use the meditation as the meaning to solve the problem. Usually some problems or questions are resolved by themselves – like I’m just watching at the flow of my thoughts and there are suddenly interesting things about the issues I could even forget.
Laura P.
i try to think of meaning and significance of the specific work and then do it with consistency. of course I fail but don't stop trying.
Johanne C.
Great question, and I’m continually working on that myself. To answer any of your personal/unconscious questions you have to first consider that they are just that, questions. Using meditation to see them by themselves, without any unconscious emotions attached to them, is the first step and the only way you are going to start enabling yourself to answer them from a rational standpoint and figure out if they are helpful or not. Many of the questions my mind comes up with are unconsciously rooted in past, psychologically attached to feelings of insecurity or sadness or questions and answers my mind came up with during experiences when I was lost and feeling like I’m not enough. Recognizing the feelings attached to those questions allows me to do a couple of things. First, I am better able to see that it was old mental programming that came up with them and use that perspective, that way of seeing those thoughts for what they actually are, and consciously decide to act differently then how those thoughts used to have me act and choose to look for answers outside of what those questions had me seeking in the past. Hope that helps:)
Lucas X.
While mediating. It helps to calm down the flow of thoughts to the where we could observe only the breathing. After meditation the magic happens. It give me better clarity in what I want to do. Distressed and full of positive energy to face the challenges ahead. I am more happy when I meditate..