What’s been your biggest tool for success when it comes to staying on track?

Darko J.
To be honest, in order to stay on track for longer than a week, a month, or even a year, I'm convinced that you need a sense of purpose and duty. You need to KNOW what your doing this for, not just THINK you should do this, because of what people do around you or because of what society promotes. Staying on track is something fundamental in any great accomplishment that requires sustained effort. You don't have to be a professional athlete to need this, you can be someone of any background and any walks of life, all the while cultivating a spiritual development which requires a daily practice. My experience has taught me that consistency is hard to accomplish. Even as a very determined person, I've had to let go my practice at certain moments in my life, only to pick it up later on. This is normal, we seldom have a perfect environnement that makes the daily routine easy and sustainable. We always have to work on it, make adjustments, fine tune it, and never think we've reached a point of no return. We can always fall back out of it, the risk of straying off course doesn't simply go away passed a certain point. You're in the world at this time, in the place you are, and your presence can make a difference. If you come to realize that you're here to do something, to contribute something to the world, you'll want to make sure you do the necessary preparation and don't miss the ship. This is a life journey. It's not just a hobby or a good habit. So my advice to staying on track is not a tool or a recipe, it's to feel this sense of purpose in life and to start striving towards the discovery and the realization of your calling in the world. This will naturally bring about a sense of duty and a strong determination to become a person of a greater life, which in turn will also translate into developing the strength, the patience and the commitment (and many more qualities) that you are perhaps currently trying to develop with Fabulous.
Amelie O.
Being intentional about taking time out every morning to reflect on how good it feels to be on track & feeling gratitude for how far I’ve come.
Judith E.
Drink a glass of water 🙂 The meaning of this is that I have something easy to accomplish in the start of the morning routine. If I fail in accomplishing other tasks, I still have this easy task I could do and keep trying to accomplish Fabulous' journeys.
Tib Rio I.
Don’t just click the tasks away – I didn’t know you could use the app to both take notes/journal in, but also they have guided mediations and other things. Don’t just check boxes. Approach this app mindfully and curiously.
Jen Q.
The evening routine notification. Start the evening routine and you are asleep soon. Fall asleep early enough and you will have a clear, rested head tomorrow, more likely to stay on track.
Arron Z.
A buddy. My daughter is mine.We are both on an app that tracks calories and exercise. We are a thousand miles apart, but we can see each other's exercise and weigh ins and encourage and celebrate together.
Freja A.
Well honestly there are days I have missed some of my goals/tasks but I decided that everyday is day one and I get back on the horse. Life is complicated and everyday is unlike the last so doing the same thing everyday is challenging since this is not a habit yet BUT I have to stay consistent if I really want to change.
Keep the reminders turned on and try your best to do them when the reminder pops up.