How do you focus while meditating? Lately, I’ve been having a really difficult time focusing while listening to the guided meditations. It seems like the less I feel like I can relate to the meditation topic, the more difficult time I have concentrating.

Fabr Cia I.
I think the main thing is just to accept when your focus does goes away and bring it back with kind attention, even if that is every 5 seconds. Try to not to judge yourself for it! If you DO judge urself or are upset, then accept that you did judge yourself and again just bring the attention back to breathing. Don't feel the goal is to keep your concentration as long as you can…at least not now, the goal rather, is to be mindful of where ur focus is as and be able to gently guide it back without stress/anxiety/self deprecation..that, in itself is hard!
Queen C.
You could try shorter period of meditation – 1 or 2 min is very good where you practise focusing on your breathing; vary the meditation content (music only or no music/ male or female voice/ change the topic….) –
Meditation takes practice over time – start training with 1mn then move on to longer period once you are comfortable… as the guide says it is OK to let your mind wander – acknowledge the thought/s then refocus on your breath and do that as often as required.
Also after the breath, you can also focus on parts of the body (sensation / how does your right foot feel ? Do you have any pain ? How comfortable your position is? Etc. …
I hope this helps! I have trained for years on and off and this is what helped me re-focus eventually. If I do lose focus I do what I mentioned above to bring me back …
Meditation states are amazing and work wonders 🤩
Good luck!
Ugo T.
To focus while meditating make sure you’re somewhere which ensures limited to no interruptions and also make sure you’re aware that if you don’t stay focused that is ok because that is why you are meditating to get better
Rachel Y.
On days where i am struggling to focus, i like to do yoga before or during my meditation. Being mindful of my body in a relaximg setting helps to keep my mind quiet when I am looking to meditate. That, and time, because some days will be trickier than other depending on my stress levels, but over time my focus will strengthen and i can focus with ease. And so can you!
Suzanne X.
This happens for some, myself included, with guided meditations. I'd like to suggest trying silent, unguided meditation on your own sometimes. You can do something like following your breath and simply gently redirecting your attention back to the breath whenever you notice that your mind has wandered. Good luck!
Iris I.
I think if you can't relate to the topic it is very understandable that you can't focus. Try to think if someone you know might relate to it and why. This way you're still meditating