How do I know which meditation is the best for the day?

Sandra Z.
I'm new to meditation. I like to listen to instruction while meditating. Is this ok? Should I just sit in quiet focused on my body and relaxing?

Johan W.
It depends how you feel, if you are nervous, calm … for me, the best time is just when I am awakened because it is when my mind ismore calm and therefore it is easier for me to meditate. I have not altered my mind with a lot of thoughts, how can be in other moment of the day

Mike T.
When you are about to start meditating, notice what your mind is occupied by. Let it lead the way on which meditation you may need that day. Find one that answers that question, concern, or nagging thought and bring you back to mental calmness.

Axelle I.
I swear by the Insight Timer app (Free from the App Store!). Over 8000 guided meditations, not to mention other music and talks, etc. All mediations broken into themes, etc. You’ll find one to suit what you need!

Malo W.
Meditations are design Ed to help you focus on your personal goals. If you are stressed out relaxation meditation is helpful as it focuses on breath work.
If you have a goal in mind then focus meditation and breaking barriers help.
If you lack self esteem:- compassion meditation helps.
All are excellent:- and dependent

Eus Bia A.

Your body tells you everything you need to know when you get in tune with your energy.

One way to tap into this is by asking yourself how do you feel? Don’t run away from these emotions, give it space to breathe, to understand it, and move forward with a meditation that suits your needs.

Are you being hard on yourself that day? Perhaps you can use a compassion meditation.

Feel free to customize your meditation to your needs: be quiet and repeat an affirmation that could elevate you to your best self. It’s a great way to source your energy from the universe.

This is my experience, hope it’s useful to you.


Zoneide Q.
You can figure that out simple by taking some time to breathe clear your head and decide on what type of day you want to have or you can pick your meditation by the way you're feeling.

Felinta Z.
Any mediation is better than no meditation. I personally meditate in the morning and then try once in the afternoon or evening. Also a short meditation just for relaxing the body and mind I practice once or twice per day

Kasper B.
I have one I like as base ones, but if I know I have a stressful day ahead I will pick one specifically to relax or go into the day confident, or if I am feeling awful I will do a body scan meditation

Regine U.
Initially I used the meditation that Fabulous gave me to use. But I’ve been doing the medications long enough now that I can tune in to my spirit to determine which meditation to use. When I’m really feeling unsure I will use the compassionate meditation. It brings me back to myself and gives me comfort and a renewed sense of self. Today I realized I could invite neighbors to meditate with me.