Do you do any visualization or something special while you meditate, or do you simply let your mind wander? Is there any visualization you would suggest?

Samantha Q.
Neither. I prefer to focus on my breath. I feel like letting my mins wander isn't really meditation, it's thinking. While thinking is important, it's usually the automatic thoughts that I'm trying to get a break from. Sometimes instead of the breath, I'll do a body scan.
Ayla N.
I would definitely suggest thinking pf just a pure shade of colour as you let your mind wonder, like clouds across the sky, cars on the road or fish in the see.
Mabel W.
When I meditate, I completely clear my mind. I only focus my my breath, repeating “in, out” in my mind. What I “visualize,” per say, is just blackness. Complete emptiness of my mind. Peaceful. Sometimes my mind wonders, but I acknowledge my thoughts, without engaging in them, and then bring my focus back to my breath and the emptiness of my mind.
Alix T.
I don't visualize anything special, but I don't really let my mind wander either. I focus on my breathing and making sure that it's steady. I try to become aware of myself in the present. What I can feel, hear, etc. I find that focusing on my breathing helps destress the best because I'm not focusing on what's making me anxious.
Carlos N.
Im not sure to be honest. I think it depends on the person. For me I want to stay focused as much as I can because I tend to wander a lot, so I’m practicing to be more focused.
Sun J U.
i've just started visualising the day ahead, preferably both the night before and in the morning. i try to do this in stead of the more standard way of planning the day. i also like visualising myself in the shape i want to be. there are probably other scenarios i would have loved to check out and feel the effects of. lots of love.
Felicia J.
My mind wanders off and think about everything under the sun until I realize it and began to focus back on breathing… I’m trying to visualize my future
Evelyn Z.
I do not visualize while meditating, but when I was first starting a monk told me to let the thoughts be like clouds. At that time I „converted my thoughts into clouds and let them flow past.