Aside from focusing on my breathing what else should I be doing while meditating?

Jan R.
Meditation is an exercise of concentration. Concentrate in your breathing and bring back your attention when you feel that it is wandering and not focused anymore in your breathing. Magical things happen when you maintain that concentration for a while ๐Ÿ˜€ but I will leave that for you to discover
Benjamin U.
So meditation gets deeper and deeper once, you start it. Close your eyes, sit comfortably, imagine yourself as if you are the tallest and hardest mountain. You will gradually start getting stagnant. Feel the strings of your brain opening. Feel every rythm inside you.
Nina U.
While meditating you should focused not only on breathing bit on scanning your body from top to toes feel every tension feel the space around and relax your mind and let go of your thoughts
Haru P.
Well … I recommend counting your breath
Inhale (5 seconds) and exhale (5 seconds), count it
After that, count your cycle
Inhale and exhale, 1
Inhale and exhale, 2
so you go
Concentrate on the movement of your belly
Najee O.
There is nothing that should be done. Just allowing thing to be. See if you can pay attention to no thing. Look up Eckhart Tolle