How do you wind down and get ro bed at night in order ti get up earlier to meditate and exercise?

Amalie Y.
Regardless of the time I sleep ill turn the lights down and switch off the TV for 30 mins. I try not to use my phone but doesn't always work. Also cooling your body temperature helps you fall asleep
Owen S.
Oh this is tough and remains challenging. I try to stay off my phone for 30 minutes before I go to bed. (Don’t always do this). I have the Calm app so sometimes I put on some soothing music or a story (all on the app if you pay for it) while I lie in bed. Also when I first get into bed I name off 10 things I’m grateful for. I hope this helps. Probably the main thing though is I do not allow myself to back out when the alarm goes off in the morning. I tell myself there is no excuse and I get up and get started on my routine.
Susanna F.
I have been creating better sleep habits two hours prior going to bed I put my phone in another room and I make sure I am going to sleep at the same time everyday even on weekends
Jules Q.
I recommend planning ahead your next day. Write it down and start putting it as a challenge. Setting your alarm clock 10-15 min before you wake up to meditate to up to 60 to 90 min to exercise.
Barbara Q.
Go to sleep earlier. Depending on what time you need to get up at for me, about 10:00 is my best bet. If I'm feeling too antsy before going to sleep though I'll exercise a bit to get my body tired. If that doesn't work for you though definitely don't go on your electronics about half an hour before you go to sleep. Basically don't do anything that'll keep your brain active. Let is get that moment of silence to calm down and realize you should be sleeping now.
Eufr Sio B.
I read at night, and play with my dog. When I have insomnia, I read. It’s easy for me to get up in the morning. I typically wake between 6 and 7am.
Susan W.
I don’t exactly have the best nighttime routine. I spend most of my time watching YouTube videos or playing games on my phone before going to bed.
Some nights I try to meditate to fall asleep easier.

I usually get up an hour before I need to wake up for class since that’s the nnormal amount of time it takes for me to get ready for the day and have my breakfast. When i started the workout routine, i didn’t wake up any earlier. Instead of just standing around while preparing, I’d try to move around a bit more and dance a little. I didn
‘T really prepare a routine for exercising causse I wanted to do something that felt natural to me and that wouldnt freak out my parents. If my energy is really too low then sometimes i just opt to do some stretches instead

Hans Joachim T.
Avoid caffeine. I find it's best to keep water at my bedside table, and reading helps calm the mind. Have a set of clothes ready for when you get up in the morning – seeing things prepared for your day helps your mind register the fact that there are things to do and help motivate you.
Olivia Y.
De-stimulate by turning off the tv, music, phone, and laptop about an hour before my desired bedtime. Allow enough time to get enough sleep.