What time is best to meditate? I have tried as soon as i wake up, in the afternoon and even before bed but can’t seem to find the right time. What time works best for others?

Gladys N.
I prefer to meditate right after I wake up. It helps me to clear my mind if anything that happened the day before and have an objective to achieve that day
Emi N.
Hello! I don’t have a specific time for meditation, I just do it when I feel like meditating, If you want to have a time for it then I would recommend
to do it in the afternoon because you have more time then and don’t need to go to work/school and you aren’t in a rush to anywhere but many people say that the best time to meditate is at night so you can clear out your head 😀 I hope that I could help!
Radita A.
I do it when I am feeling anxious about something which makes me have all these unnecessary racing thoughts. So I do it when I am anxious because the meditation helps me relax and manage the negative thoughts. And I have also noticed that dealing with my anxiety through meditation helps me regulate my emotions too when dealing with people afterwards. Good luck!
Royal C.
When u wake up, start 10 min meditation, be thankful to u or to somebody. U need to do it in bed when u didn’t stand up!:)