How can I focus on meditation better? How can I stop my mind from wandering and becoming very distracted?

Laurel X.
It's ok to be distracted. Notice the mind has wandered, accept it, and go back to your relaxation methods then back to the meditation
Chanda X.
I really just don’t understand meditation in all honesty I try to listen to the voice n focus on it but I just can’t see the benefits of it. I know a lot of people swear by it but I just can’t find anything good n I feel like I am kinda waisting my time, I know I am doing it wrong 😑 I just don’t understand it
Leonhard T.
I am going to count my breathe for 4 seconds in and out. A timer will keep me focussed as well There are forces at work that will try and distract me however they will not win. I will prevail now, today and forever!
Rick N.
With mindfulness meditation you do not try to stop your mind from wandering. You are simply present with whatever thoughts, feeling or emotions that come up. As they do you acknowledge them. I label them. “That is a thought.” “That is a memory.” “That is anxiety.” Or fear or disappointment or whatever emotion it is. I welcome it, accept it and gently, with compassion and kindness, come back to the breath.
Dwight O.
I would suggest trying not to think of anything. If there is anything distracting you get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper. Deal with it later, but for now try not to think of anything during the meditation. If that doesn't work try to at least think of a blank paper or a blank space.
Luna Z.
i actually don’t know, that’s something very difficult for me too. One thing that i find helped me is to focus on something, for example your breathing or the feeling of your body on the mat, really concentrate on it and be present
Gladys N.
It normal to let your mind wander during meditation. It happens to me every time I meditate but I would say to just focus on your breathing. Try to visualize the oxygen expanding in your lungs to not have you mind wander
Gerlis G.
The best way to focus on your meditation is by first focusing on your breathing. As you breathe in, acknowledge anything that comes up, say thank you for the reminder, and then go back to focusing on your breath as it travels through your body. I make a note to focus on my body as it expands and contracts with my breath. The way to get your mind to stop wandering is by first understanding that there is nothing wrong with a thought popping into your mind while you're meditating. Practicing acknowledging your thoughts, then reverting your attention back to the breath is what's helped me keep with my meditation. Understanding that it will take time to build up to no longer being distracted by your thoughts should help you be nicer to yourself when your thoughts distract you. Best of luck.