What changes should I watch out for in my daily life to conclude that my practice is working?

Ka Ti E W.
So far the changes that I have noticed with drinking water in the morning is that it helps me to feel refreshed & awake. I have also noticed my skin clearing up! I decided to fill up my water bottle after it's empty so I usually get alot more water intake then I did before I started my "Fabulous Journey"
As for meditation, it has really helped me to feel like I have some time for myself to work on self care. I never was able to successfully do meditation I'm the past, but the guided meditations are great! I am loving the serenity mindset it puts me in for the day!
My gratitude list I just started a couple days ago & I think this is very important. I think I am going to so some really positive changes here soon because after I write it down I have immediate gratification for the many blessings that I have ❤️