Do you use some sort of guided meditation or just silence?

Actually R.
I use both. The Fabulous app and YouTube have some great guided meditations, but sometimes ambient music or binaural beats is better suited for the situation.
Lucy J.
I definitely use guided meditation. I actually meditate with the Calm app. It had made a huge difference in my life. I’m quite new to meditation so I’m doing a series on the app called “How to Meditate.” It’s a 30 day challenge to learn the basics of meditation. I highly recommend this app to everyone
Barbara R.
as it's a start for me I like guided meditations, those of Sphere or my app Headspace. love the sound of the guiding voice in this app. perhaps I would cut meditation time short if they was not guided. Would however like to try silent meditation a few times a week.
Tenika O.
I tend to play a soothing ambient track and guide my own meditation internally. I find it difficult to just be silent completely so instead trying to clear my thoughts I just switch them to positive meditative ones instead. If I'm trying a particular meditative practice for the first time I'll use a guided track until I get the hang of it.
Katie Z.
I use guided meditation. The guided meditation that I use is the new fabulous meditation app. I find the app very helpful cuz it keeps me focused and not get distracted with the little things.
Sandro Y.
I have both. I try to meditate silently but in case I have a bad day a listen to a guided one. As long as I meditate it's all good:)
Basti O E.
I’m still new to meditation so I’m most comfortable with guided meditations. I’ve found some great 3 min meditations with the Insight Timer app.
Jere N.
Guided. I use calm but find it WAY too expensive. I get so angry about that, so it counteracts the benefits of meditating
Aleixo A.
I use guided meditation, and let that guide my thoughts to a personal journey. It just helps keep my mind focused on the breaths and deepens the thoughts in my mind. Allowing the voice to calm me as well as my own voice.
Tierra O.
I enjoy guided meditations from yoga with adriene, as well as some of the fabulous guided meditations. Occasionally though, I will meditate in silence, but only after I got comfortable with meditation first.
Christian C.
When I first started meditating I used guided meditation. Now I listen to tracks with mixed of nature sounds and music. Typically rain or thunderstorms for me but I also can use any instrumentals for meditation now.

Guided helped me figure out what how to meditate in the sense of focusing on the self in the universe as it is and nothing more.