How much time should you spend meditating to change your brain?

Emmy Z.
Start small and work your way up. 3 minutes can alleviate some tension. 5 minutes can give you some clarity. I'm ADD, so even with daily meditation, I'm only up to 9 minutes. That's ok. I feel better every day, and it's getting easier. I just noticed the guided meditations in app, and I'm trying them out. Prana Breath is a free app, with all kinds of customizations, and it's helping me with controlled breathing and relaxing sounds. Just start small and work up. Anything is better than nothing. It will come with time.
Skye U.
I’m not sure exactly how much time but I try to get some meditation time in anywhere I can fit it in. Get stressed, on my way to work, lunch break, before bed. As much time as possible is good.
Ellen T.
How much to spend each day is individual – some can only stand 5-10 minutes, others an hour. But however long you do it, do it every day, and for 40 days. Then you will begin to see huge changes. Hope this helps x
Tif O.
I think 15 min a day will change your brain. But 2 hours a morning can revolutionize your life! It's all about balance and how long it takes to clear your mind.
Ulisses A.
Seen some that are 1-3 min. But that’s more of a breathing reset, it can help change the state of the mind. Personally 10 min and above is where I get into an actual meditative state.