What do you do on days when you really don’t feel like meditating?

Karl J Rgen X.
I dont meditate, for me meditation is about coming back to yourself, see how your mind is. I dobt think its necessary to do everyday, but maybe every other day. Instead, take a walk, breathe and look at the sky, you will have the same benefits as with meditation

Alfred U.
I do it anyway. Even if just for five minutes. I’ve never meditated and then wished I hadn’t afterwards! (Unlike many other things in life!!)

Kimberly N.
I have it added to my morning routine, just like having breakfast. For me meditating is a priority, so I approach it as I have no choice. Doing it as one of the first things in the morning makes it easier, since there is less to interfer with the routine then in the evening. See it as you have no choice.

Lucie T.
Do it anyway – even if it’s only for 1 minute. There is really no excuse. Yesterday I meditated for 2 minutes in a bathroom stall at a busy airport, because that was the only private place I could find. 🙂

Tommy O.
Even if I feel like I’m too strapped for time to do a formal meditation or just don’t “feel” like doing it, I will engage in a very simple technique:
1) put my phone down/ stop what I’m doing for a moment
2) place my hand on my abdomen
3) breath in for count of 3
4) hold for count of 3
5) exhale for count of 3
6) repeat as often as I feel.

Sometimes, I do it once, sometimes it actually triggers a formal meditation practice in that moment. Even a few seconds of mindfulness allows stress to dissipate and facilitates presence.

I hope that helps and wish you all the best.

An Sio Z.
Masters recommend to even force yourself to do it to form the habit.
They recommend to sit everyday, in the same place and at the same time.
Mind is very habitual.
You can start gradually even with a minute a day and build it up gradually adding a minute everyday until you reach 2 or 3h.
For additional information please check sos.org

Abdul Z.
Sometimes I just listen to the water and music on fabulous and breathe. I lay on my bed , close my eyes and drift with the sounds, I’m relaxing even if it’s not active meditation.

Adam Z.
These are the days when you need meditation the most! I tend to remind myself that I have never regretted meditating and always feel better in some way after.

Laudelino Z.
To me, the question is similar to what do you do when you don’t feel like brushing your teeth? Do it anyway. My practice might be shorter or in not my usual spot — particularly, if traveling or other disruptions, but I still do some version of it.

Abigail S.
On days where I don't feel like meditating, I do a 1-3 minute breathing exercise. Fabulous App provides some short ones, too. Personally, I use Tide App's breathing exercise feature, because it offers nice sound guidance and you can choose the duration yourself. Even only after 1 minute, it feels like I have meditated.
A second thing I do, when I don't feel like meditating, is, first of all, to be ok with it. I accept and forgive myself to be human and to be a bit flakey in what I set out to do. And then, I trust that I will get back to meditating again on a regular basis. I reflect (I like reflecting in writing) on what are times and activities that have the same effect on me like meditating, and I try to schedule those in my day. Also, through reflecting, I gain more insights on what is holding me from meditating, and what is needed to be added (or taken away) from my life at the moment (I am thinking here about too many habits, having taken up too much work, adjusting how I split the housework with my husband, etc.).
One thing I know that usually works for me: brewing a cup of my favorite tea and sitting down on my sofa, truly enjoying every hot sip of it. That always works to get me in a state of meditation.

Luna E.
Don’t think, just do. Once you are doing you are fine. We listen to the crappy part of us that makes excuses … tune them out and just do.

Miguel U.
I think about the times when my mind has been everywhere and the pain it has caused as a result of skipping meditation. It helps me push myself to find 10+ min and things feel right after that.

Quiliano P.
You start with very small and short meditation exercises and you will watch an inspiring video about the history of meditation to motivate yourself again.

Jimmy U.
I’m tired, or I feel pressure (from myself) to spend time with my partner.

The honest truth may be, I’m ignoring the fact I should do it, I’m being lazy & watch tv or on my phone.

My partner normally falls asleep, so it could give me a chance to do it with feeling guilty

Mandy E.
I have this meditating app, called headspace, and when I don't feel like meditating I simply choose a shorter and different type of meditation. This way I do fulfill my task and therefore feel good about myself. I know that this will be the outcome if I put myself to meditating so therefore works as a motivator. Good luck! It is only 10 minutes of your day, invest that time in yourself.

Audrey F.
Although it may be better to challenge yourself and sit for a meditation session regardless of how you feel, I also can understand that may happen from time to time. I would swap it for a breathing meditation and I’ll try to incorporate my meditation into my normal daily chores. For example — as you are washing dishes, doing laundry (the mundane tasks around the house), walking from home to work, etc. — focus on your breath and tune into your physical body. Use those times to become more mindful. ❤️🙏🏼 Hope that helps!