How does it feel to see others share in your happiness?

Claire Q.
It feels good. It makes me feel connected. It is satisfying.

Jimmie E.
Honestly I don't really see the world in this way.people can be happy for each other but I think that is different and also unrelated to meditation.

Luc N.
It usually feels pretty good. There is a part of me that is apprehensive about this, however. I hang on to the fear that, while they may share in this happiness now, in future they will expect even more of me or the situation, and I will eventually let them down. This thought can be crushing, and similar thoughts have left me paralyzed, instead of moving forward in life (or in dealing with a difficult emotion).

I recognize that this thought isn't a fact, and I don't have to treat it as such, or as an inevitable outcome of any future successes. It's important to counter this.

Silke Z.
It feels glorious. It feels like an affirmation of my belief and knowledge that I am part of something that is bigger than me but also a part of me. It reminds me that we are all one and that we are in this together – that while we may find comfort in commiseration and helping each other to bear burdens, we can also revel in each other’s joy and success. I feel that sharing in each other’s happiness makes us more unified and more able to understand, appreciate, and care for one another.

Leida I.
It's is extremely fulfilling seeing others happy, especially with the bonus that I am happy as well

Enrique E.
When I see happiness , people sharing their happiness , I immediately feel happy with them and by them.

Diogo S.
I am a happy person by nature. I'd have to say that what they are sharing in is a rejuvenated happy me. My happiness is just my gratefulness for God's allowing me to experience every day's fruits.

Hon Rio P.
I’m not sure I understand. This presumes there are others sharing my happiness as well as presuming I’m happy. I’m not unhappy but I wouldn’t say I’m floating on a sea of bliss either, certainly not to the point if it being noticeable to others. On the other hand I’m surviving some big challenges without succumbing to beating myself up or obsessing about them.
I guess I have a bit of an issue with this question being sort of inappropriate. People sign up for something like Fabulous because they’re struggling with something. If you think it’s some sort of magic bullet…well, can I have some of your drugs?? (Jk, really)

Anes E.
I think it's a beautiful thing if I get to share the things that make me happy with other people and they seem to enjoy it. It really enhances the moment I share with people and creates wonderful and beautiful memories in life that I will treasure and be forever grateful for.

Macit O.
I enjoy seeing others happy, and when we are all happy about the same thing, it feels more personal and I feel that we have bonded.

Viktor J.
It feels absolutely amazing, fantastic, on top of the world. Sharing and spreading happiness is what I was born before but most importantly not neglecting myself and my own happiness gives me more happiness to spread. I feel great!