Do you prefer guided meditation or simple breathing techniques for your meditation practice?

Tsu A.
I've tried both and noticed a much bigger effect when I do it myself. I felt a resistance with guided meditation which might be due to my rebellious personality lol. I start with breathing exercises but then include some hypnotherapy (imagining myself in a happy peaceful state) and gratitude practice.
Simon F.
It depends on how I'm feeling that day. If I want to clear my head and relax I prefer a simple breathing technique, but if I am stressed and feel like I need someone's voice to calm me and remind me of the good things, I prefer a guided meditation.
Ethel O.
In this moment I prefer guided meditation. Although I'm following instructions, I feel as I'm doing in the right way and I can control my time either
Evandro T.
I think I like simple breathing techniques as I often feel too tense and require some extra breathing focus before I can fully immerse myself
Josefine E.
I prefer simple breathing. My first few times I did use a guided meditation to get use to the feel. I now find it easier to control my breathing, and get lost in ambient music. (Normally the sounds louded into the routines here work great!)