When is better to get the most benefits of meditation – morning or night?

Genoveva Q.
Ideally I love to do it both times, but I do notice that morning really does help start my day off right and I’m generally more productive and focused if I do it.
Loan Q.
I find morning to be better as it helps influence the rest of the day. I am more likely to be mindful and intentional during the day, and less emotionally reactive if I have meditated in the morning. I also feel a sense of accomplishment of having done something good that gives me a boost in confidence and motivation throughout the day.
Felix F.
They are different. Meditating in the night, morning or even during the day is always great exercise, as it teaches you to focus in different circumstances, which life can often demand. I usually prefer mornings, as I'm not really restricted by the urge to meet the deadline of going to bed on time, but at night it can help you clean your mind for a great sleep. So, if you've got time in the morning to set the mood for your day, or would like to let go of the world before you go to rest at night, you know what to pick.
Timothe I.
I think it depends on the mindset. If for a pep talk when u don’t want to get up, meditation could help start ur day. If to relax after a daunting day, meditation can help soothe u and relax before bed.
Maur Lio C.
Meditation works with me at night when I can arrange a suitable "me" time and it also helps to destress before bed. In fact, I've never tried meditation in the morning before.
Sebastian R.
I think that it’s important to meditate in the morning-it will prepare you for the day and for all obstacles-and at night- to prepare yourself for the sleep.
Ashley E.
The most benefit from meditation comes from a consistent daily practice. Whichever time enables you to be the most consistent – given home obligations, work schedule, energy levels, etc. – should be the time you stick with.

For me, it’s been morning. I do it before everything else, because I want to make sure nothing distracts me from sitting. I also don’t meditate at night usually because I’ve found it’s harder for me to stay awake then.

Heather U.
Both. The different times of day for different kinds of meditation.
I use morning meditation for several key reasons: focus, centre myself and energize.
Evening meditation is mainly to quiet the mind and reflect, setting you up for relaxed and thought free night of sleep.
If I had to choose, I would say morning though, as your brain naturally easier time to get into the perfect brainwave pattern for deep meditation, however, some people, like me, tend to simply fall back to sleep that way 🤣
For me deep meditation is easiest and most effective later in the day after physical exercise.
Jo O.
I'm not sure of the evidence to support it, but for me the morning. It is a great way to start the day and can help with your mindfulness after the day is done. You're also less likely to be sleepy.
Isaque N.
I prefer morning meditation – doing it first thing when I get up gives me a boost to my confidence in getting other things done that day and reminds me that I can meditate other times if I want
Gundel T.
I think it really depends what you most want to get out of meditating. I think that if you feel the need to calm down before you begin a stressful day, then the morning is a good fit. If you struggle to sleep or calm down and relax in the evenings, an evening habit would be a good choice.
Vanda Z.
Night, usually right after work. It allows me to wind down and wrap up the day and is a great transition between work and home.
Maja W.
If I wish for a productive day, I make sure there is time for a morning meditation. This calms my mind and prepares it for focussing. If you’ve had a stressful day though, there is nothing better than to Wind down with an evening meditation to ensure good sleep.
Jane Z.
Preferably both because it’s a good way to start and end the day, but if it were one or the other I would choose morning because it sets a calm tone for the day.
Adam U.
My life is very busy with two children and a wife who study for exams and a divorce hanging over my head. My life has been turned completely upside down.
I meditate once a day to ground myself. Morning mediation sometimes lack the concentration and I’m usually too tired not to fall asleep. It also stresses me because if I’d be dependent on morning meditation I might get disappointed if the children wake up during a session. Therefore I usually meditate as part of my evening routine before going to bed.
Candice J.
I personally don't stress my self about the timing. I believe its more important that I get into the habit of doing it every day. I rather let myself know what personal achievement need to be accomplish to get on wih my personal journey in my day and do it when my head and heart need it. However, i do make sure to meditate on that day everyday. Timing is hard sometimes bc you might not alway get it at the same time always. I like focusing on getting it done its less pressure. 🙏😇
Lucas Z.
I like to meditate in the morning and at night. I like to meditate in the morning to set my intentions for the day and it makes me feel good. Then, I like to meditate at night to prepare me for a good and restorative night’s sleep.
Virg Lio P.
For me it can be either one, I say this because you have to find the quiet so that you can feel the inner sense or connection to get the peacefulness
Colleen W.
I’m not sure to be honest. I personally find morning to be easiest before I even turn my phone on and interacting with the rest of the world. However why not play it safe and meditate in the morning and at night daily. Then worst case on a day you’re not feeling it at night at least you got one done in the morning. Hope this helps!
Anton A.
I prefer to meditate in the morning before breakfast – it starts my day off well. I do sometimes meditate in the evening but only when i have had a very stressful day and need to get my perspective back.
Nanna A.
Hi, personally speaking early morning it is the best moment for meditation: I get up, drink a glass or two of water, do a little stretching and then deep inside my meditation for 20/30 minutes. Two or three days per week I even meditate during my walking. Regards, Alfredo from Italy
Claas X.
I like to meditate at night or in the afternoon. It either helps me relax and refocus me instead of being off track. I use it to re-center and bring me back to the task on hand.
Gerald U.
I I feel, that morning is the best time to meditate and reflect and breathe, I feel it is preparing you for the day ahead, I feel that meditating and breathing and reflecting helps me more than it does at night, when I pour everything out into a notebook at night it stresses me out and keeps me up at night, weather as in the morning I look forward to getting up and meditating and breathing and reflecting! ❤️xoxo, Kota 😘❤️😂🤣
Kasper F.
I am trying to create a morning as well as an evening ritual to meditate, but I am finding it difficult to meditate in both the Meiji g and being of the same day. I have tried to meditate a little bit when exercisingin the morning buti am fat ftom being able to achieve that level of being in the moment. But I have tried “mental visualization” meditation exercises while stretching or even walking (but being safe of course!) inborder to practice meditation more often.

In the end, I still need to keep trying to Daley a good evening routine drink water, read, turn the lights out, no tv or snacks, meditate, and get a good restful sleep every night.

Jill I.
I personally find it best to meditate at night because it gives me the chance to completely wind down and be in a calm frame of mind – this also helps me to be super relaxed (especially after a tough day) and have a good nights rest.
Heinz Joachim F.
Morning is better for the entire day, but I have more time at night. Will get up fifteen minutes earlier to try to do it in the morning.
Jonathan A.
I like to meditate in the morning because it sets the tone for my day. It’s also too easy for the day to get away from me and suddenly I’m lying in bed, trying to meditate but falling asleep. That said, anytime is beneficial if you do it .
Hermann W.
I enjoy both. The morning meditation clears my mind, and gives me awareness to focus on my now. The evening clears my mind to relieve the anxiety chatter for a healthy relax and review.
I would guess if you had to choose, it would be which one is right for you.
Na L Y.
Great question. I actually do both—12 minutes in the morning and another 12 right before bed. I find the morning is like a “mental shower” in that it clears away yesterday and prepares my mind to focus for today. The evening one helps me relax and get a restful sleep!