How do you stick to developing habits when you are stressed or really tired?

Lesi N.
Those moments When I am stressed and really tired it’s hard to stick to my habits and stay focused but I tend to meditate. There’s frustration and stressful guided meditations to help get through those times. Or just taking a nap. A power nap or time out will help balance my mood and get back on track.
Radmila T.
I try to do my habits anyway, and motivate myself by thinking of the chain I don’t want to break and that even if I don’t care right now, my future self will be happy that I tried. I also try to open myself up to the possibility that my mood might improve if I complete the habits. My future self might just thank my present self for it.
If I can’t motivate myself at all, I try to give myself permission to skip the habit this once without being mad at myself for it. I remind myself that the most important thing is to keep starting anew after every failure.
Jared S.
By overcoming stress
By over coming tired
Knowing that these habits
Will leave you less stressed
Less tired

By taking time
Sometimes you forget
Wondering off to the habits that helped you before
Those habits at one point
Helped you cope with being stress and tired

By taking time
To realize those habits
Aren’t helping this time around

By remembering why you’re stress
And why you’re tired
And over coming it

You have to develop new habits in order to accomplish new goals

Stay focused
You got this

Adriana P.
I think about how great I'll feel afterwards. For example, if it's been a long day and I dont want to shower, I think about how fresh and cleansed I'd feel going to bed 😃