How do I keep motivated to meditate everyday?

Tinita I.
At first I believe it is hard to find time and motivation to meditate. Find what in general motivates you best – is it to do something and then go out with friends or watch TV, maybe set a reward system that works for you. And use an app that you really feel you connect to. For me that app was Headspace – it has nice interface and a reward system.
After some time of meditation you will start to see all the benefits of meditating daily and the fact of you feeling a lot better in your skin, treating people with more patience and love will be the reward itself.
So go. Meditate now and enjoy your day ❤️
Kristien F.
Because it's a huge stress relief during the day, in the morning it helps me start a new day and at night I do a "grateful" meditation and to fall asleep sometimes a bodyscan.
Jacqueline Z.
I set my alarm to meditate along side with another habit I do to make it easier to perform without having to rely on motivation.
Lisa N.
Sometimes it’s easy to stay on the sofa and watch one more episode of your favourite show with family. I try to be aware and move to my bedroom early enough in the evening to start my evening meditation. In the morning I’m usually up before family and do a meditation then too.
Jessie P.
Meditation should be a way of relaxing, to calm the wild thoughts that run through your mind all day, to de-stress. When you do it you should feel happier at the end of it. I find I do it to help me sleep because it stops the thoughts, I listen to the persons voice and I immediately feel like I'm in my safe space. This feeling should make it easier to motivate you to do it. You don't have to do 30 minute, just start of with a 2 minute or 5 minute one to get you into it. So you dont feel pressure to sit and fidget while waiting for it to finish.
Aksah W.
When you feel like you don't want to meditate, or you can't be bothered to meditate, think to yourself: why did I say that I would meditate everyday. After doing this, you'll remember all the good things about meditation, which will encourage you to do it everyday.
Furthermore, you could have a meditation buddy, so you can both encourage each other to meditate, increasing your chances of meditating.
You can have rewards for everytime you do a certain amount of meditation. For example you can say to yourself that once you have 4 consecutive days of meditation, you are going to treat yourself to your favourite chocolate.
Debbie Z.
It's hard but you have to just make time. Get up a little earlier if meditating in the morning or plan to try and relax for the night if meditating at night. Schedules are crazy but just make a little time at first and see hoe you enjoy it. Then you'll want to make more time because it helps your anxiety and boost your energy level for the day.
Toledo F.
I like to make a meditation part of my morning routine, even if I need to get up 10 minutes earlier 😉 I also try to sneak in a meditation throughout the day but find it harder as the distractions of the day get in the way. A morning meditation is also a great way to “set” your day.