My thoughts are so loud when I meditate. Is there anything that can help my thoughts settle down?

Cynthia N.
Yes you can try to focus on your breath. Or you can try to do a focal point meditation. Like focus on your heart center or your third eye with your eyes closed. You can even try this focus point with your eyes open and stare at something, my favorite thing is to stare at the flame of a candle. You can also try a mantra. Like so hum or sat nam. Focus on the first word while inhaling and the second word while exhaling. I will do all of these together a lot of the times. And I try to do a candle meditation daily usually in the morning then at night I do a silent meditation. I hope this helps
Navah Y.
Sometimes if I set like a mental alarm and anytime my thoughts stray I just remind myself to meditate. Another thing to do is possibly give yourself punishments for every time your mind wanders you pay one more dollar to a friend. Also you really just need practice because your first times meditating your not gonna be very concentrated but slowly you’ll get better
Ace N.
I usually when I see my thoughts are coming wildly or at all I tell my kind my ego to kindly shhhh to stay quiet it telling the mind to be quiet and present and to only focus on one thing at a time always do it kindly without judgment it’s normal .
Ms B N.
1) Accept that your thoughts are loud and be okay with that.
2) Focus on your breath. I like to focus on the sensation of the air entering and leaving my body through my nostrils.
3) Don’t fight any of it, just let it be and gently redirect yourself if you start getting distracted by your thoughts.
4) Start small – sit for a 3-minute session. Try a 5-minute session. Gradually work up to 10 minutes. Trying to sit for 30 minutes as a newbie is setting yourself up for failure. Value the little victories and build on those.
Valerie O.
You need to focus and try a lot. I know it can be difficult but you need a lot of practise and everything would be better
Alex N.
Sometimes, it helps me to picture myself in this serene, calm place. I am still, smiling. And then I project that image to the meditation practice. It doesn’t always work though