It takes me a while to quiet my thoughts. What tips do you have to quiet the mind?

Teresa F.
Usually when I have a lot on my mind, or stress, I simplify and "allow" myself to be stressed by that particular issue: "yes, it is only natural to be stressed by this situation"
Thus also saying "let it go" to the worries.
Fred J.
Some say we can’t quiet the mind because it’s nature is to always “be on”. Try focusing on your in and out breaths for 10 whole breaths. With each in breath count 1 and count to 2 on the out breath. Count to ten and start over if you have to. This helps get into a space where you can be at ease with your thoughts.
August W.
Honestly, I didn’t thought it would work since I’m a very hot headed and at the same time, anxious person, but my answer is “breathing exercises”. I like to do them in complete silence, with my eyes close and I prefer lying on a bed or sofa to sitting on a chair or on the floor. For me that’s the quickest and easiest way to calm my nerves, my mind and myself as a whole.
Carrie P.
To quiet your thoughts, acknowledge their existence, and then put them aside. Do so with every thought until you can comfortably quiet your mind.
Joshua F.
Giving my brain something else to focus on. If I'm meditating and I notice my mind is wandering, once I notice I I immediately stop ans shift my thoughts to focus on breathing, deep breathes 10 in and out. Or with my eyes closed I do a mental body scan. In my mind's eye I do a mental scan slowly starting from the top of my head to the tip of my big toe. 🙂
Amber E.
Start by saying all the consuming thoughts out loud then try and sit in silence. If your mind syarts buzzing acknowledge it but then focus on breathing instead. If this doesn't help try simple happy affirming thoughts like "I am successful, I am worthy, I am healthy." Even if you don't believe these things repeat them in your head until your mind is at peace.
Logan Q.
Put yourself in a quite environment, lighten up a nice candle and put a soft relaxing music if you can, then close your eyes and focus on the face muscles… try to relax them all, then start to relax the hands.. and so on with all the body. In this way your mind is focusing on your body more then your mind..
Alexandra U.
Focus on your breathing. When you notice your mind wondering again, gently direct your attention to your breath. I still go back and forth between the two, but before you know it you’ll start feeling relaxed.
Peer S.
Meditation is probably the best tool for that. I’m doing transcedental meditation which I discovered from david lynch. It really works for anyone. It’s probably the easiest and most effective way of meditation and I’m sure that world would be a better place if more people will practice it.
I may sound fanatical but it’s just conviction I got from practicing it for 5 year.
You can find local teacher at and it takes only 4 days to learn it
Johnny Z.
Well I start with 5 deep breaths holding them a little then out I guess the best advice I can give is just relax I f you drift just come back to your breath just be gentle with your self if you get upset you will just be that…
Mae P.
I go into a dark quiet room and put on relaxing music. If thoughts keep going into my mind I open my eyes and look into the darkness I also focus on my breathing
Marie B.
Learn to meditate, it is not a quick process, take your time to get it right , don’t chastise yourself if you get it wrong, keep trying by building up the time each day even if only by a minute
Ac Cio Q.
Once I read that you can “lower the volume” of the voice inside your mind, as if it were a radio and you just lower the volume until you turn it off. Doing so can help you regain control of your thoughts. Hope this advice works for you 🙂
Faith E.
Well the mind is neither quiet or loud. It does it's job, thinking. The goal of meditation is to not be affected by the thoughts and allowing them to past through your mind. The key is focusing on your breathing. What I like to do is inhale for 3 to 4 seconds and exhale for 3 to 4 seconds. While doing this count each second inhaling and exhaling. Just focus on the breathing and counting. If you find your mind wandering just return to the breath counting.
Mark J.
To quite the mind, try to realize the random thoughts and emotions in the mind are just the nature of mental noises and accept that no one can turn the white noise off. Then slowly as you accept the truth, you pay less attention to the white noise, and you find yourself peaceful bliss filled with the fresh smell and touch of the air around you. 🙂
Nicoline E.
Doing a flow of consciousness writing exercise or morning pages for at least 15 minutes without stopping helps me to empty my mind and quiet it down.