Do others use apps for assistance with sleep or like the Fabulous app for help with organization? It has proven really successful in helping me stay on top of MS. Do others use it for such a purpose?

Trishna E.
I don’t use Fabulous or any other app to help with sleep, though I have sometimes intended to. However, I do use the Fabulous app to stay on top of things by writing my todo list every night so that I am ready to complete my at-home work. I am also a middle schooler, and using both Fabulous and Todoist has brought me to great productivity. Having routines for every part of the day helps me keep my workspace decluttered, stay on top of things, and get my life together. I would recommend using this app for these purposes and Todoist for your work and assignments!
Gertrude G.
I do tend to use 2 or 3 apps along with fabulous, also trying not to overwhelm myself by having too many. The Wim Hoff Method has helped me quite a bit recently.
Tracey U.
I was diagnosed with ADHD and I hope that this app will help me get more organised without blaming myself to much for my chaotic brain. Reading that this app has helped you with MS, gives me the drive to continue using it. I wish you good luck and a lot of positivity and bravery in your life! Thank you 🙂