I want to learn how to meditate. Can you help me with that???

Hansiana C.
Start by focusing on your breath. Focus on your breath while at the same maintaining awareness of your surroundings. Be aware that your focusing on your breath and when s thought accurse slowly push it away be aware of that thought and just push it away. If you get caught up in your thoughts that's ok, don't push yourself remember you just started you're not going to master it on the first try so don't be angry at yourself. Just start with 5 minutes a day then 10 minutes then 20 and 30 and when you get better do it for an 1 hour not only will you be more calmer but you'll be more aware and observant. Hope this helps😉
Miss N.
I suggest getting the app MyLife. It’s a guided meditation app. I have been doing meditation for about 2-3 weeks and I find this app is very good for beginners. I have found it has made changes in my attitude and has helped me to become more happy, positive, and present in my life. This app encourages you to just think about certain things in meditation. They have many topics and even a check-in mode where you can tell it how you’re doing physically and emotionally (and also add the emotions you’re feeling) and it gives you personalized choices for meditation. The best way to learn to meditate is by just doing it; guided meditation really helps you in this journey. Some people do unguided meditation, but I do not feel that it is effective as one where it is telling you what the topic is and what you could think about during your meditation. I hope this helps you and I hope you have a fabulous day!