Meditation is a tough exercise for beginners. How much time of practice does it need to succeed and enjoy meditation? And how do you feel when you practice?

Janine O.
I think there's the idea that there needs to be
an hour of uninterrupted focus or it's not worth it. The reality is that even 5 minutes of observing your thoughts provides so much space and value. Also, it's a very important step in the journey of mindfulness.
Adina Z.
It's not about the time. It's more of the feel. You just know when you meditated enough for the day. You feel like you are trying too hard. You do this again and again untill you notice your doing it longer and longer. I feel simple calm after I meditate enough. When you feel the calm, real calm happy acceptense, you have done it. For me it's about 10-20 mins then I feel rejuvenated.
Rurique I.
I think meditation is something you have to get into at first and you need to want to calm down. If you can’t stay calm and seated for a period of time, meditation is probably not for you.
Yolanda U.
I think I am halfway decent at meditation unguided, I have been practicing that for a year or so and I always feel good when I practice. I am not sure how well I do at guided meditation I think that will take a while to get used to.
Lisiane E.
The more consistent you are with meditation, the easier it becomes. I do ten minutes a day and it took me probably a few weeks to feel like I was truly getting good at it and therefore getting benefits from it. Just stick with it and be consistent. When I practice, afterwards I feel calm and relaxed, centered and focused.
Diego S.
I meditated before so i have experience in it. After a good maditation i feel so light and free, it awesome. It doesnt as much metter if it is long meditation or short one, what is important is that i have to complitly undergo it and finish it
Bernard X.
I do it for about 10 to 15 min in the morning right after waking up and in the evening right before sleeping. It mainly helps me sleep and gather my thoughts in the morning.
Otelo O.
I think even dedicating just 5 minutes is enough. Whatever you feel is enough is fine. There's no real set time. It's peaceful honestly. It's just you and your thoughts.