How do I avoid lazyness?

Flenn Z.
Exercise in the morning.

Then practice focused deep work.

Eat and sleep healthy.

Enjoy your family & friends.

When something doesn’t not go according to plan, try your best to fix it rather than ignoring it, being lazy, or even afraid of the change in plan, fix it and move forward.

remember to see the change in plan as a new experience or challenge rather than set back.

Wallace N.
You have to respect yourself and understand what you want and what is best for you, you have to realize when you are making a decision that could cause you to relax in a time when real work could and should be getting done.
Clairta A.
You really need to think and feel the change of habits as something as important as breathing, as if your life would depend on that. Than after is just a matter of focus and drive.
Russell Y.
Avoid shame and self blame for taking time for yourself rather than scratching things off your to do list. Self acceptance breeds energy and motivation.
Anielo O.
1 using fabulous 2 my mom forced me to do something even if I'm almost 28 years old 3 I think how happy I am when I'm productive
Sindulfo B.
Laziness has one of two roots;
1. You want to do the thing but you are scared you will do it wrong and disappoint yourself/someone else
2. You don’t really want to do the thing, it’s not for you.
Once you ask the question of yourself it can be surprisingly easy to work out which. If it’s 1, compassion for yourself is key, self love is everything at the core of things. If it’s 2, do you really have to do it? And if so, can it be linked in your mind to longer term goals you DO want to do? For example ‘I don’t want to do my taxes but if I do I’ll sleep better tonight and I deserve that’
– in both cases, allow yourself to be led by your needs, allow your needs, compassion and understanding of yourself of key! If you punish yourself for being lazy, that won’t help, and if you aren’t on your own side you are more likely to experience 1.
Have a lovely day! I’m on holiday in Spain. Peace out 💖🔮💖