Do you use guided meditation or do you prefer to just guide yourself and how does one get to the point where they no longer need a guide?

Glen Y.
I use a guide because I enjoy feeling and experiencing a variety of ways of meditating. During the day I may take a minute or two to meditate if I am feeling anxious or some other unhelpful state of mind. I don't know when someone doesn't need a guide.
Jeremias Q.
I like guided meditation more because you know what to do, when to do it and when I do it by myself I feel awkward like I need to do something, and stop.
Sherri J.
I prefer guided meditation. It helps me focus on the doing and not the telling. But I find it easy to guide oneself after you learn how to give yourself suggestions
Oscar T.
Hi fabulous user, do not worry, do what you feel right for now and let things evolve naturally. I started to listen to guided meditation a while ago, then after a period of time I switch to silence meditation, sometime I still use guided meditation because I feel like it. Don’t worry, guided is not better or worst then silence, there is thousand of meditation types, what is important is that you feel it right for yourself, we all have different minds and there is no one recipe that fits them all. Best of luck
Victoria J.
Currently I prefer a guided meditation because without one my mind moves too fast and I become anxious. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to guide myself unless I’ve written down specific things to bring my thoughts back to when meditating. I just thought of that, I think I’ll try it out 😂
Joyce Z.
I use guided meditation because I lack the expertise to do unguided. I don’t think I ever want to do unguided meditation because my mind would wander too much.
Heather N.
I prefer to guide myself, at least for most of my meditations.
Would be great if Fabulous can provide an easy way to run a silent 20mins meditations with a bell every 5mins and 3 to mark the ending
Jair Y.
I prefer to guide myself. I'm not sure how you get to the point where you no longer need a guide, I started on my own. I guess it entirely depends on what you want to achieve through meditation. I wanted to relax so I didn't think I needed a guide, but if your goal is more complex than that then you'd probably prefer a guide.
Byron Z.
It depends on how I’m feeling that day. For me, it’s about either sitting with my emotions and thoughts or about processing them. If I don’t feel well-equipped to process, then I turn to guided meditation or yoga nidra or pranayama.

Either way, it’s your journey and you deserve to make it however you choose. And don’t feel bad about taking more or less time; the duration doesn’t matter so much as the intention and practice!

Marshall J.
I use guided imagery with music that are available on line at sites such as
Jean C.
I use both guided meditations and not. I f not, I concentrate on my breath and listen to slow music that calm me down, or waves/rain ect. Or theta-sound, you can find that on youtube or spotify.
Also I have a "guide" for myself, That I connect with my heart, are grateful for small things so I can feel it. You can also visualize the day or the future, what person you want to be. And in the end I always send love before me to everyone I'm going to meet that day.
Love and light from Miriam ❤
Connor O.
I usually tend to guide myself but even then I don’t even know how to guide myself. I try my best to make a path for myself but it can be hard because I feel like I should do a lot of things myself without the help of others. I believe you’ll get to the point of no guidance when you find a place where you are content with yourself and happy with where you are at.
Carla O.
It is my opinion that a balance of both can be of great value. As your awareness grows you will recognize both as tools to help you achieve valuable insights that would not be available otherwise.
Christian C.
Start with guided, a series of them that gets progressively less guided (more silent time), until one develops the tech iques through practice and experimentation that works best for them (visualization, breathing, just going blank, etc.)
Clifford J.
I use guided meditation
I plug in my earphones and sit back and listen
I also have a task to breathe midday
I find that moment of reconnecting with the breath helpful in centering me and remembering to be present
Jennifer J.
I am a beginner in meditation. I still looking for the best way. I sign the membership of mindvalley and i am looking information with them. They indicate the app Soulvana for a while.
Ezio A.
I've done both. The benefit of the guided (I use Waking Up app) is that you don't have an excuse not to do it. It's there, ready for you. When I do it on my own I lose focus more often and I start to feel like I'm not practicing as well. But do what feels best for you. If you're very disciplined then meditate on your own. If you need a little guidance then just find an app that works best for you
Linda E.
I prefer guided because i dont feel that im there yet for doing it without one. I think it just helps having the guide help ypu focus and teach you to bring your attention back to the meditation so once i get the hang of bringing my mind back from wondering during meditation then i will be ready to do it without a guide
Vickie E.
Actually i just guid my self but sometimes i prefer to be guided to one gets to know when he or she doesn't have to be guided if in them the fire starts burning and they get to understand that they are their own leado
Sabri F.
I use insight timer app, especially their daily insight feature each day. I love guided meditations and you can find one for anything!
Damien Q.
I’ve been using the Fabulous meditation guides and I think once I start anticipating the instructions, I won’t need a guide anymore. However, I will probably use calm background music to time myself and come out of meditation once the music fades.
Anton A.
Depends on how long I plan to meditate. I like guided meditation for longer sessions but prefer to have chunks of silence during those sessions. Shorter 5 to 10min sessions I just do by myself.
Clem Q.
I do not use guided meditation and I never have.Sometimes I need help to guide myself.Yes,it also do get to a point of me not needing no guide and I can guide myself!
Daniele P.
I’ve been meditating daily for the past two years. I prefer a guided meditation, though could go it alone, though likely not for the duration I can do guided.
Emmy E.
As in life, in meditation, we all need a Guide from time to time, even if we've been practicing meditation for years. I think it's a needs based equation rather than experienced based; you don't ever really ascend to a place of not needing a guide, only perhaps you become more skillful at meditation with or without guidance. I hope this helps!
Teresa P.
I still prefer using guided meditations, as I consider myself still learning, but when there's no one available for whatever reason, I count my inspirations to ten and then again from one. It's a great method for keeping focus in your breath and let thoughts pass by without stealing your attention. I believe guided recordings are great as classes, for when you have no experience at all or are trying a new technique, but also when you just feel better having another anchor for your focus. I don't see using or not as a matter of progress necessarily. You should do the way it feels better and brings better results. It's all about your inner peace, that's the whole point! 🙂
Selma W.
I have not used guided meditation before. However, I do guide myself. Simply, I start with thankfulness and move into breathing and focusing on emptying the space of my worldly thoughts and anxieties and move into a space of peace and love with the Holy Spirit. Meditation takes practice and time. Even for me I sometimes have so many distractions it can be difficult. But don’t give up. Before you know it you’ll be able to meditate however you want to in the way that resonates with you. You just have to find that groove.
Amandine T.
I use guided meditation. I am not sure when you get to the point when you don’t need more guidance because I still do. I imagine it takes lots of discipline, which I do not have yet. 😄
Ma Line Y.
Guided meditation. Finding the right paths to tread and synthesizing the style of guided for yourself are how you go from someone who needs guidance versus someone who guides.
Ahmed N.
I prefer a guided meditation. It allows me to focus and be held accountable for my actions and thoughts. I want to become disciplined in being able to do this on my own, but for now, guided meditation helps me a lot.
Ricardo P.
Some days I know I'm having a hard time focusing just in general. I am more apt to select a guided meditation on those days. I don't think there's a moment when you are "good enough" to do meditation on your own. I think you do it, practice it, and get better at it.
Prisca I.
I get easily distracted, so I prefer guided meditation. I dont know if there is a point where one "no longer needs a guide." I think circumstances always shift in a person's life so there may be times where you need a specific guide.
Susan J.
I do both depending on the day and what I need in that moment. Sometimes I’m following a meditation class online on a certain topic like forgiveness or self compassion, so I’ll have several weeks of guided meditation. Other times I just need the quiet and solitude and I’ll use Insight Timer with some background nature sounds.
Suzanne F.
I've used both… Although lately I find that I prefer self guided usually. I know better than anyone else what I want my meditation to accomplish and I trust myself that I'm able to do it best. Starting out, it was nice to have guided so I could get an idea what it could look like doing a meditation and I still do, at times, like to experience a good guided meditation. It's also important to me to find ones that are well done and inspired. Davidji is one of them… Just for a recommendation.