What’s your worst horror story related to meditation?

Caroline P.
just now I had an experience I did not like on this app I felt like the meditation that I went into was a little bit mean to me and didn't give me enough time to bask in my loving light and instead wanted me to focus on the parts of me that made me uncomfortable and feel bad
Adam U.
Early on, I meditated to clear my head of anger and resentment towards someone who yelled at me. It did not work – I had a timer set up for 20 minutes and when it dinged I had been doing nothing but imagining other ways the conversation had gone and devastating insults to wittily drop should I meet him again. I fostered my fury, rather than defused it, and I was tense for days.
Fel Cia Z.
I’m not sure how much this counts in a “horror story”, but as I was meditating tonight, my thoughts drifted back to the past when I was with my abusive ex. The memories nearly jarred me from the meditation.
Rebecca X.
I don’t really have a horror story. But I have gotten so sleepy I had to stop before. I’ve also been so overwhelmed by my whirling mind that I just had to quit.