Posture related- is it okay to medotate while laying on bed in speeping pisture?

Desra N.
I think the idea is to be in a position that is comfortable whether it’s a seated position in a chair or on the floor, or laying down on your back on a bed or the floor. Being mindful of your thoughts simply being just what they are, thoughts but to relax and let them be as you’re allowing yourself to simply be, relaxed and sitting in a chair or lying on the floor in calm, bliss, peace.
Marcus W.
I think it's better if we're sitting in a proper posture while meditating. Just close your eyes and take deep breaths while sitting with your back straightened
Annita U.
Yes, if it works for you. It sends me to sleep so I do it right before bed. If I need to meditate some other time, I try sitting so I don't sleep 😂
Ariana T.
Yes, I think so. When I'm getting around time when I want to go to bed is when I feel in the most insightful abc my imagination is the best. That makes feel thinking a lot easier
Ennis N.
Yes, I would assume so. Generally a seated position is standard – but the purpose of meditation is to calm and train the mind. If lying on your bed creates a comfortable space for you to enter a meditative state, then absolutely go ahead with it. (It's personally what I've been doing, since meditation is part of my night routine.)