Do you have a specific or favorite meditation method?

Claudia Z.
It is called the TM ,transcendental meditation, technique. I do it 2 times a day 20 min in the morning and 20 in the afternon/evening.
Linda Y.
There is a 5 minute morning meditation on YouTube. That makes me feel grounded and ready to start the day. It's quick enough that I can fit it in whilst kids are running around.
Ga L Q.
I sit in a dark and quiet, comfortable spot (like my bathroom with the lights off ) and just let my thoughts pass by.

By "let them pass" I mean i dont give them any more momentum than they have and just look at them neutrally and even to notice what emotional reactions i have and take a mental note of those too.

Like a scientist making observations about a phenomenon.

Suhasini Y.
Yes. I always prefer Anapanasati meditation. Anapanasati means observation of natural, normal respiration, as it comes in and as it goes out. It is an easy to learn, objective and scientific technique that helps develop concentration of the mind. To cultivate anapana sati one should be clearly mindful of the place where the incoming and outgoing breaths enter and leave the nostrils. This will be felt as a spot beneath the nostrils or on the upper lip, wherever the impact of the air coming in and out the nostrils can be felt most distinctly. On that spot the attention should be fixed, like a sentry watching a gate. There are lots of benefits of this meditation . It helps in improving immune system, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps balance blood pressure, improve communication between hemispheres of the brain ect.
Vivianan Y.
Yes, I lay in my bed and listen to deep chopra 21 days of meditation. I pick a day randomly and follow the mantras as the day goes by.
Diego F.
I prefer guided meditation and visualization over simply breathing and clearing my mind. If I try to just empty my mind, I will inevitably get distracted amd discouraged. My best meditations are when I have visualized myself being guided into whatever path of self-discovery I'm currently on.
Shawn J.
Instead of complicating things and trying to find a guided meditation I like, I’m just doing quick 5-10 minutes of quiet meditation. I sit and put on some relaxing music and just focus on my breathing. I acknowledge thoughts and feelings but try to let them pass. Nothing fancy or frilly or complicated.
Oscar F.
Yes, I like to follow the guidelines of zen meditation in the tradition taught by Thich Naht Hahn. Focus on the breath, then the body.
Nic N.
I am loving the mediations in this app. My favourite time to meditate is the start of the day to set me up for a great day.
I also like rain sounds at night when I'm winding down.
Erica X.
I honestly prefer the breather because is short and also really easy. I need to focus on my breathing and that’s why I like this meditation🧘‍♀️