What shift do you observed happening in you after meditating for a longer time? After how many days of meditation did you notice the shift?

Courtney P.
After meditation, my personal experience and observation is that the control over my thought process has become stronger and day by day getting firm. The level of consiousness has also risen and a consistent awareness was missing in momemt to moment, which has remarkably increased. Before meditation the consiousness and awareness were there but didn't knew of its presence. Now I do.
Marshall Z.
Many-a-thing changed after I had meditated for longer periods of time. I felt more focused, relaxed, and even more happy in my everyday life. And it even didn't take that long.
Carlos Y.
I experience a shift after every meditation session. As long as I go into my session with the intention to be conscious of my feelings/thoughts and/or to come out more relaxed and aware then I feel the shift immediately. I feel lighter and balanced. My mind doesn’t race at the speed of light, and I gain more control of my emotions/thoughts. Enter a meditation session with an intention, and let the guided meditation take you. You should feel the difference immediately. If you’re new to meditation, don’t be critical of yourself if you don’t experience this immediately. If you are new to meditation, I encourage you to go to a meditative yoga class. I guarantee you’ll feel the difference in your energy. From there start implementing daily guided meditation through an app on your own. While still continuing the yoga classes.
Hope this helps. May peace be with you ✨🙏🏽
Edelbert U.
Meditating allows me to connect and reflect on the events of the day and I see a positive shift in my awareness. I saw this shift after maybe two days, but I think that I see the effects of it increased daily after I meditate. Yet, keep in mind, meditating is done differently and has different effects for everyone.
Leopoldine X.
The biggest change I noticed was better control of my anxiety. It only took about 2-3 weeks for me to figure out it was one of the best things I’d ever done for myself.