How long does it take to actually “feel” anything when meditating?

Ademir A.
It takes me personally around 3-5 minutes depending on how caught up I am, but once I’ve fully given my attention and I can feel all my muscles and break them down in my mind individually and I am able to feel my full body relax
Kilina F.
hey there, great community
I'm meditating with Emily Fletcher Ziva Meditation techniques and its amazing. i still don't feel that my every meditation is kind of flow. some are and some still not… many thoughts, which 8 handle as my friends on a mediation party. i believe that meditation practice is a permanent work-in-process.
Kartik F.
Hi, hate to burst your bubble.but, meditation isn't a magic wand or mystical as shown in is about understanding your inner disturbance and controlling your emotions towards reacting to any external every other thing meditation affects over time you will start feeling calm and content,more positivity and start letting go of things that hold no value to you.however,each individual can get different outcome from meditation.all I can say is just give a consistent try even if for 5 mins a day, meditation isn't a goal oriented task.its a process oriented one.start practising it with the intention of why you are doing it n over time you will find the answer.
Persephone P.
I felt a great sense of accomplishment right after my first session. Not ever before a 12 minute task gave me as much satisfaction. I believe that’s something.
Amelia N.
It really depends on the person, what kind of meditation, where you are meditating etc. but after I've been meditating for 2 weeks I started to "feel" the benefits and things like that. I tend to especially feel things at night as well. Hope this helps