What techniques or apps do you use to meditate?

Klaus Peter X.
I use the app Relax Melodies, it has noise selections or select a preset noises. This app also has a meditation section which helps in a few areas. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Bobby P.
10 percent happier is probably my favorite. I’m using calm right now and it’s pretty decent, but I think 10 is better. Mostly though, I downloaded wordless music, turn off the lights in my bathroom, light a candle, and take a bath. Then I focus on the sounds around me, trying to make one “louder” than other, watch the flames, do deep 4 count inhales and 8 count exhales, or go systematically through my body and check the literal feeling of each part.
Lonnie O.
Create your own space where you can be alone and away from distractions. I once created a ring with just me and my incense burning and I didn't leave the circle until the incense was finished burning. It was difficult at first, but once I shrunk my world down to that little circle and the incense I sat down and was at peace.

Much peace

Lorraine E.
The Daily Calm www.calm.com
I don’t know what the free trial version is like because peace of mind has always been such a central goal for me and I was so taken with Tamara Levitt, the voice behind the meditations, that I plunked down the $60 right away. (I pretty much did the same thing with The Fabulous, except there it was the articulacy of the site that sold me. Also think about these three methods of a site supporting itself: subscription, on-site purchases, or *just one* initial lump-sum fee? No brainer. ) I chose The Daily Calm from among Apple’s list of recommended meditation apps after trying Head Space and not being drawn to it. The Daily Calm is really a “practice makes perfect” model, easing you slowly and gently into a better and better experience. Personally, I am addicted to it, but I love The Fabulous too. Both sites are very well-organized and well-crafted, with lots of features and lots to explore.
George O.
I use ‘insight timer’ for guided meditations.. there is always something that tends to fit what I need at any time. I also do silent meditation and insight has a timer as well. Inside your timed meditation you can add bells to break it up if you want to split the time say between body scan and gratitude or vipassana and loving kindness. It also keeps track of your days which gives you insensitive 😊
Anna S.
I use the app Headspace.. they are guided meditations and it’s great for a new user as they start with just a few minutes easing you into the new habit slowly