Where can I find more meditation videos or podcast.

Courtney J.
Rather than meditation videos, I recommend listening to a meditation soundscape. Joseph carringer has a great album of didgeridoo mediation music. I hope you like it!
Jeffery J.
YouTube and Spotify respectively. These are great resources for this purpose. Youtube will contain all kinds of meditation methods from audio-only to meditations with video. If you have an Amazon Echo (Alexa) you can also ask her to use meditation skills to help you with this.
Katherine P.
Hi! I use Headspace. It's wonderful, I love it. It has many meditation packages for different needs and moments in life. They also have single meditations, short and longer ones. You can check out the details on their website. I hope it's useful. Cheers 🙂
Zachary C.
YouTube is always a great source of material. Sadhguru is a great Indian guru who speaks a lot on the simplicities of life. He has a few videos of guided mediation s well.