What helps you to get into meditation practice when you feel the urgency of the day? Like you feel that there are too many other things to do.

Priya F.
When I feel like I need some stability in my mind , like a need to just stop and don't think too much. I usually do om meditation for 10 min. My goal is to do it for 30 min. πŸ™‚
Adams G.
When I see how long my task list is on a particular day, I say to myself; If I don't meditate, anxiety will kick in and I won't be able to complete even the half o the list, Meditate is needed!
Leanna P.
If I feel like I have too many things in my day, I make a deal with myself to meditate for even just 3 minutes. I put on a guided meditation recording that is 3 minutes long and just sit. You can usually carve out three minutes to do that. If you absolutely can't, and I've been there (right after having a newborn or in the midst of toddler chaos), just follow your breath for a few minutes when you're laying in bed at night and count that as your meditation for the day. You've got this!
Tonya N.
Honestly I used to hate meditating but I felt like it will help me become more calm since my mom did it and she seemed happier. So I'm also just starting but slowly. So I start with 5 minute meditations from the fabulous app and when I've done it multiple times I search for 5 minute meditations from youtube. I found this good one and if you'd like I can give you the link. Now if you're worrying about your other activities/tasks while meditating (in the video I watched they give you time to think about activities that make you happy) so think of how happy you'd be if all the tasks you had to do are done and plan the day ahead (like which time are you going to finish which tasks) also, don't forget to give yourself frequent breaks because if you don't you"ll just be stressed out and not get anything done. So in conclusion start slow and plan your day ahead with frequent breaks! Heres the link : https://youtu.be/inpok4MKVLM
Hope this helps and sorry for such a long answer πŸ˜”
Tirza O.
I start my day with meditation because then I know I've already accomplished a great start and I do a simple 5 minute session before I got to sleep