Do you ever get embarrassed telling family/significant-other that you’re going to need some time for meditating?

Concetta X.
No. I just haven’t had the time sadly.. with work and taking care of my puppy.
I know that sounds like an excuse but time management is not easy for me at the moment.
Ellory N.
Yeah, I do :/. I kind of feel bad about how I’m “ashamed” of it but I always go into the bathroom and lock the door to meditate for five minutes if I think there’s the possibility of a family member coming in my room (because I’m a high schooler and no one in my family knocks). I’m not sure why I feel embarrassed. Sometimes they mock me for things, or they may think it’s silly, so that could be why.
Noemie O.
i personally do it when I have my time alone, my partner knows I need time alone sometimes in the day or in the week but if I need time to medidate not in my time alone I tell him, we can say everything to each other so no problem. I am not all the time with my family even if I am only 18 so I don't need to tell them but if I need time to meditate I just leave saying I need to do something or need calm because I am being overwhelmed by everyone(which happens a lot)