How should I meditate?

Christel Q.
I do it by finding the quietest room and then making it as dark as possible. I don’t sit on the floor, just the most comfortable chair you have with your feet on the floor if possible. I primarily use headphones and a meditation app. Just pick one and try it out. I also try to go to a meditation class at my yoga studio once a week. The easiest for me is to just count when you inhale normally. Then exhale for the same count. Set a timer and try it for 3 minutes with your eyes closed. Focus on your breathing and relax by trying to be so loose you’re sinking into the floor. When your mind starts to wander just focus on your count again. Give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised with your results.
Phyllis S.
Start with a guided meditation 10 to 20 minutes long, sitting rather than lying down.
Build on from there.
If you follow someone's voice it's easier to stay focused and not drift away.
Jacqueline T.
Be aware about your breathing, feel your skin, your body , your seance with make you aware. Each moment you can live , life you can feel . Do not get involved in your thoughts , simply watch……..
Daisy T.
I do after my refreshing morning skin-care routine, but if you don't have I recommend to do it before a morning ritual you enjoy so you can be more present. I use Shine to meditate, It's a wonderful app!
Villads P.
Having to meditate for the first time may make you feel unease. But all you have to do is to take deep breathe intervals until you realise things that surround you doesn't affect you anymore. Once you are in this state, you can finally continue to relax, clear your mind and at the same time follow your set breathing pattern. I believe this activity gives rewards in the future, more of self love. Think all positive while on the process, it will boost you even more!
Klaus D S.
I think it works best for you to find your own way… However, I'll share what I have done. I was first introduced to meditation through a life mastery training. There was a lot of guided visualisation… I thought I wasn't good at it because it seemed like I would always fall asleep. But, I would wake up as soon as it finished feeling a profound sense of peace and enlightenment. I realize now that I wasn't going to sleep, I was slipping into the space between waking and sleep where the subconscious is learning. I think it's more than that but I can't explain it better with my present knowledge. I believe that space has a name but it's not coming to me at the moment. So, what I've learned with this, is that as long as I open the door, knowledge and growth can come in. It doesn't matter near as much how you do it as much as it does that you open yourself to the experience. And enjoy it… It is meant to be a beautiful process. Don't get too much in your head with it.
Melissa A.
The first step that I like to take is to be completely still. Don’t move at all. Sometimes in our busy lives, it feels so strange but amazing to just remain totally unmoving. Then clear your mind of any anxieties, worries, or other thoughts. Although it is hard, try not to think of anything. Focus on something simple if you need to, like the position of your body or your breathing. Take even breaths. Then, allow any muscles that are tense to loosen and completely relax. Stay for as long as you feel you need to. Just be as you are. It can be very refreshing, especially at the end of a taxing day.
Vlado O.
If you're unsure how to start there are so many guided meditations on this app, and other social media platforms like YouTube. If a guided meditation isn't for you another option is to just follow your breathe, imagine it as it goes in & out. If it helps you can count them. When a thought pops up, you acknowledge it & return to your breath. That's how I first started meditating. There's really no right or wrong answer, just follow what brings you the most peace. Wish you the best!
Signe W.
Find a comfortable place to relax sit …then take a couple of heavy and out then relax while your eyes closed .relax deep within
Stacy F.
Hi, there is no “should” to start with. Sit down, relax, and listen to your body, your breath. Do this for ten minutes without feeling stressed, or without trying to wrap it up to go do something. Ten minutes of self-listening and counting breaths while keeping thoughts, worries and urges at bay is not going to ruin your day. But if you keep doing this day after day and if you start adding new sessions into your day here and there, you will later feel like it’s a very good break and beneficial for your overall health. Thanks!
Catherine F.
I find following the breath to be the best meditation for me and often use guided meditation apps to help. Start small with 5 or 10 minutes, carve out the time every day to build the habit and let the practice develop.
Andreas P.
Seated works best for me. If I'm tired, I have a hard time staying awake so I try not to do it before bed unless I need to to sleep. I do generally close my eyes and focus on my breathing and pressure in my body. I listen to the sounds around me and stay present in the moment. When my mind wanders, I try to bring it back or sometimes I let it wander for a little bit.
Deanna T.
I had never meditated in my life until this app. I started with the shorter ones like the 8mins, 11mins, 12mins etc. And then I started to learn what made me feel relaxed and at ease and so I started finding programs on YouTube and online that suited types that I like. E.g I dont really like bells or certain sounds, I prefer breathing excercise and feeling every part of your body so I look for meditation programs like that.
Alyssia S.
Start with something simple. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably. Start small, maybe 5 minutes. Focus on your breath and how it feels. If thoughts pop into your mind, acknowledge them and then return your focus to your breath. When this starts to feel comfortable you can pick a mantra to think. A mantra is a phrase or word that has special meaning to you.