How do you deal with the tiny distractions when sitting still?

Ahsania N.
Focus on your breathing, take away your mind to somewhere peaceful, for me, I always imagine a tide hitting the shore as I take a deep breath and release.
Dev N.
Actually i have no answer but i try to focus more on the thing im doing and sometimes focusing music is helping. Songs doesnt help me at all.
Mia N.
I move as much distractions somwhere they arent easily exesible but if i cant do that i just sit in my bed and close my eyes
J Ni T.
It makes me dizzy whenever I sit there more tgan one minute.I felt like I was the center of the Ferris wheel so that I gotta balance myself.Plus,my breathing aren't stable yet but that's totally ok cuz todat's the first day and I know I'll nail it!