I sometimes have to work the night shift, how should I handle my evening routine?

Ian N.
It can be difficult to handle your routine while you're at work. Personally, I get around an hour break in total during my work day. Normally I will attempt to find a quiet place (my desk, or otherwise) to make some time for me to relax and get my routine done. Whether that's meditation, or cleaning up- there are small things you can do to be more productive and handle your routine. Maybe a change in your habits could be a solution as well.
Magnus N.
I like to think of the evening routine as the «right before bed routine». So, naturally, I do it right before bed. That means that if you’re not going to bed that evening because of a night shift, you simply wait until you’re actually going to bed. You can launch the routines at any time, and not just at your set time.
Hope this helped!

Love from another user

Nasser S.
Prepare ahead of time and make time to do it anyway during your breaks. Make certain you prepare your plan the night before.
Anna Z.
I think it's important to do it anyway but when you do go to sleep, regardless of the time that may be. Like, if you finish your shift at 3 am, then carry on with your routine as if you were going to sleep like usual. Unless you are really tired, then perhaps do only the most important habits 🙂