What’s the best time to meditate?

Niloo A.
It depends on you and how you prefer. Some people like the morning meditation to feel fresh and great to start the day and some prefer night to release the pressure and tension of the day. I personally prefer the nights. Just follow your feelings and do how you feel. Good luck ^^
Clarisse Z.
The best time will be the one that suits your schedule. But for me I fell better when I do it at the morning. Usually after exercises because I can fell better my body and be aware of it han when I've been sat down All day at the office.
Zander Q.
For me, early in the morning is best. My mind is not yet full of the worries of the day. There is time to think and organize and be hopeful. It’s a positive “me” time, before “me” has to put on the many hats that life requires.
Caitlin T.
I would say in the morning or right before your bed. Because, in the morning you could just raise your vibration by meditating, then your day will be like easy and calm.
Or right before bed, then your mind will relax as you meditating. As a consequence, you can sleep as great as you wish.
Dianne F.
Both morning when you wake up and evening before you go to sleep. In the morning to get a fresh start and evening to calm your mind.