How do you maintain the calm meditation provides throughout the day?

Ayshah S.
Some days are better then others. For the most part when things get too chaotic I go to a safe place meaning a room by myself. I turn off the television, cellphone and take deep breaths. I try to quiet my mind, and spirit by focusing on being present. I start by focusing on my breathing, then by focusing on nothing.
Suhasini Y.
I try to be mindful throughout the day. When I eat I concentrate only on eating. I observe the smell of the food, texture, appearance, taste and let my mind be at the present moment. When thoughts about past & future appear I simply let go of them by being mindful that my mind is wandering.
Will F.
I actually find it quite difficult, when I feel tense I will sit down and close my eyes and take 10 deep breaths through the nose.
Lior P.
The one that makes it easy for me to go to sleep is called 'tilia'. People often give this tea to their children to help them fall asleep, but I use it on myself too and it is working! It's very relaxing and calming and it makes it easy to fall asleep. If you can't find tilia tea, you should drink green tea or actually anything without caffeine in it. Make it warm, relax and drink it slowly, right before going to bed. I hope it helps.
Pauline O.
Make sure to keep the thoughts you’ve had during the meditation session with you after the session finishes. Try to remember this as you get started with your other activities, and make sure not to overwork yourself or get too stressed out, as that can cause you to lose control of the calm. If this does happen, focus on breathing and think back to thoughts from the meditation. Make sure not to stress yourself out, and most importantly, BREATHE! You’re doing good 🙂
Ross J.
I usually just keep doing calm things like reading or just laying down and listen to music. But otherwise, I usually like to space meditation throughout the day in 10min intervals.