What do you think about when meditating?

Amber F.
When meditating, I try to focus on my breath. (obviously) But some tips I've used is focus on the center of your nose (even if your eyes are shut, just imagine) I also try to relax the muscles in my eye lids and eye brows. I don't know if it's just me, but I seem to always be tensing those muscles.
Lj N.
I generally use a guided meditation to help me engage with the practice, but generally the breath is the best point of focus, and not to worry about thoughts appearing – it is normal! Just allow them to pass like clouds in the sky and come back to the breath as soon as you realise your mind has wandered. Good luck!
Pl Cida P.
The key is not to think. Use the time in meditation to be grateful and humble yourself to the highs and lows. All that means is that you’re living
Zuzanka N.
I think about my breath. How it goes through my nostrils to whole body, and to the each part of it. Then I try to relax each part of my body separately. Sometimes when I have too much problems I can’t focus at all.
Riccardo O.
I try not to think anything in particular, but to focus my attention on something in the present and that i can feel. I usually focus on my breath and how it feels, but sometimes I focus on the sounds I ear or an object in my sight. If I catch myself thinking, I let the thought flow away and return to focus on something present.
Charlene Z.
I focus on my breathing, making each breath a conscious act. This makes me think of life and the meaning of life and how incredible the human body is. I often meditate outside in my garden so I listen to the sound of the birds and the wind in the trees and bushes. I reflect on what I have accomplished so far that day and what else I want to achieve and lastly how I will reward myself.