How long should I do a guided meditation for?

Vladimir R.
You should do it for as long as it is, but remember it’s more about using that time to let go of stress, distraction, and simply breathe and be. If the guided meditation doesn’t have a set time, think about how long you want to do the meditation for (ex: 5, 10, 15 min) and how much time you have to dedicate to meditation. I would suggest starting smaller and then extending the time once you become more familiar with meditation and better learn how to be at harmony with thoughts and feelings that flicker through your head.

Kaylee Y.
Hey! It depends on you. For me, I have anxiety and depression and I meditate a lot everyday. It really helps me! You can do it for a few min or for hours. It depends on how do you feel and how much time do you have. I mostly meditate in the morning when I wake up and at night before go to bed. You can even take a few min before commute to your work or school.

Todd Z.
I would recommend starting with a 5 minute guided meditation. For me it was easier to add time gradually because I couldn’t relax and focus.

Mia O.
Start small. I’ve been casually meditating for a while now and I personally stick with a five/ten minute session, unless I’m in the mindset of “wanting” the meditation time, then I’ll choose one for maybe twenty minutes.
You can always sit for longer if you feel like it, even when the guiding part is done.

Nelson F.
I am starting slow and staying away from anything that goes real deep because I want to make it a habit and not something onerous I do that flips over all the rocks and shows my bugs and I hate it.

Eileen B.
Just try if you can focus on your breath without a guide. Thia simple exercise may help you: Breath in deeply and slowly, hold your breath for 1-3 seconds and release slowly and count 1! Do this circle until 10. If you lost which number you have been, just start again from the begining, 1 🤗 Check it if you can focus on it or not. If you can, it may means that you are ready to meditate by yourself

Sherri Y.
If you’ve never done it before start with five minutes and work your way up. Insight Timer is a great app. 21 days of Meditation with Aptive is another good one.

Brigite C.
I am doing guided meditation for 1 year every night, it gives me high sleep quality and improves my mood. Every night I do something different based on what my mind need

Jade O.
A guided meditation can be as long as you want, there are many options out there from a minute to a hour. Start small if you need to

Zoe Z.
For as long as it is helpful for you. There is no one size fits all for any type of meditation. If you find one hour to be good do that.if you find only ten minutes to be enough that's great to. Don't worry about how long others do meditation for.

Samuel C.
Any time you have available. It's always better to do it then not do it. So even finding a short time if that's all you have will still benefit you.