If you don’t meditate every day, why not? What do you need to change to start doing it?

Gr Inne X.
I am the ultimate procrastinator! I find telling people that I am aiming to meditate every day holds me more accountable and more eager to achieve the goal rather than keeping it to myself
Gundolf T.
Starting thinking busy for the day i have ahead .. waste it here and there thinking listening to music even tho i used to meditate in the morning then I paused cause i could caught by my thoughts
Athina B.
I really don't know, I find it boring or I haven't found a way to do it right, so i skip it. They say it is very beneficial to do it but if you don't feel it then what can you do for that? I can't help you sorry, if you find the answer contact me again.
Winnie N.
I usually do meditate every day and it doesn’t have to be lengthy. So start off slow ~ breath ~ focus and just feel good 😌
Ross T.
I need to give myself a set time to do it everyday! I used to do it mid-afternoon but then my schedule changed and I've never set a new time so I've never managed to make it routine!
Milo E.
I think one thing that puts me off meditation is that I get too caught up on my thoughts. I know I shouldn't worry if I'm wandering and just gently go back to breathing but I get very frustrated
Olivers N.
Realize that the benefits aren't directly or instantly apparent to yourself, but over time you become a better person in so many different factors of you life. I don't really know how I have got around to continuing to meditate everyday, but I know the immense sense of failure if I don't do it. I think to future me being mad at my current self for not taking that free time I had to meditate and get it done. As soon as you think you could and should meditate, you do it.
Karen C.
First thing you have to do is want to feel better and healthier. But of course, not only wanting it is enough. Habits don't just appear out of nowhere; they're built with time. Recently I read a book saying it takes 45 days to build a new habit, maybe even forcing yourself to do it. The hard part about meditating, just like many other things, is that they don't work as soon as you start, but rather show their benefits long-term. So, as a beginner, you won't see what you want at first and will have the constant thought of quitting. Here is where you have to say to yourself that you really want it and keep fighting for it, no matter what.