What are ways you can meditate?

Monica F.
Morning meditation right after rising up and evening meditation before sleep. Breathing technique during the day when needed. Coffee meditation and mindful eating help as well
Sami U.
I really like the Headspace App, it's guided meditations and daily lessons to think about. I also like Insight Timer and a few others, but I always come back to Headspace. You could also sit still and quiet with a question and see what answers come, or walk and just look at everything.
Monica E.
I like to lay down flat on a bed with my arms a d hands resting downwards by my sides as I listen to .ediations that help me do self inventory on things that no longer serve a purpose within. It teaches me to let go of the past as well as the situations attached to it. It helps me to move forward in the present moment to be a better and happier version of the me that I am striving to be. Letting go of toxic emotions and situations, as well as behaviors is important not just for our physical health but for our mind and spirit. Because then we can evolve more and transform more into the person we are striving to be, a better and more fabulous version of ourself.
Clemente Q.
Sit still and focus on the sensations in your body and be aware of your body pressing down on the floor. Let thoughts pass and acknowledge them. Bring your focus to your breath and watch it flow, when thoughts arrive simply bring your awareness back to your breath
Dan U.
I can meditate in all kinds of places by just breathing and taking a moment to be present. I'm not really sure I understand what the question is getting at though.
Grace Z.
You can meditate anytime in any place, just find a quiet place to sit and relax. Beginners will benefit from listening to a guided meditation.