Which of the meditations on the app do you like to use? There are so many to choose from!

Cam V.
To find something new, I look for apps that have a high rating 4.7+ and lots of plays. Then once I work out what I like I start searching for more of that kind of thing, and trying based on rating.
Jonathan E.
The basic breathing one I think is the most useful, and best to master. Once you are able to observe your thought and emotions and have your mind still, it becomes a great basis for all the other types of meditation that can be done.
Ga Tan Q.
I love the 5 minute breather and the 6 minute one about breaking down walls. I feel positive and relaxed aftwr both. Now i want to try the longer ones.
Lael Z.
I prefer to use short and introducing meditation. I feel like I'm not "good" yet at meditation so I want to practice. Every entry level meditation that reviews the basics of it is very useful for me now. I try to vary so I don't predict how the session is going to be, but I'll comeback to the one I love and find useful.
Janette F.
I like the deep sleep one because I meditate right before it's time to sleep. It helps me shut my brain down for the night.
Cecilie W.
Smiling Mind is great, with an emphasis on returning to particular meditations whenever you need them. I haven't found a pay wall and they have short meditations and medium – length, introductory material and material designed to be evergreen, no matter how many times you return to it.