I want to make a habit of meditating at night before going to sleep. But whenever I come home after work I feel a lack of enthusiasm and find myself stuck with my YouTube watching on politics or some random videos. I would like to change this pattern. Any suggestions welcome.

Enya Z.
Present moment awareness and non-judgement. Present moment awareness meaning letting go of all the narratives and surrendering to the highest energy field. Non-judgement through compassion. Cultivating compassion.
Ashmika N.
I do yoga every day and again at night. Start of with few mins of yoga every night, just basic exercises to make it part of your routine. Then expand to more time and exercises. Set an alarm for specific time every night to stop watched YouTube videos, etc and do yoga. Then set timer to do enough yoga. Put a note somewhere obvious to remind you.
Jesse U.
First thing you do after accommodating yourself at home after work is to open the app and choose your meditation exercise and just let yourself go!