How do you meditate to get focused?

Alie G.
Meditation IS about focus, so any method can help. Maybe try a body scan, or breath exercises, or perhaps a walking meditation.
Ezio T.
As of now, I still have to force myself into meditation. I want to achieve this blissful state of mind in which I feel more relaxed during and energized afterwards. But right now, six days in, my mind wanders all over. And that is OK. It’ll improve over time.
Liva W.
I usually meditate before I go to bed, to put my mind at ease, I’ll make some tea, wear something comfy and sit up straight. I’ll hold my tea so that I’m not fidgeting and distracting myself and I’ll listen to meditation on this app with earphones in so that I can’t hear anything else that may be happening.
Marilena T.
I don’t fully understand your question but if you’re asking how to meditate in order to help you focus on a task, I find meditation is more to tune your mind to the present moment, than specifically help you focus. It exercises your mindfulness. I find that focused breathing is best for helping you focus, relax, or wake up. A good breathing technique known to raise awareness and alertness is known as “box breathing”. This technique is a 4 second full inhale through the nose, 4 second hold, 4 second full exhale through mouth, 4 second hold, and repeat.