When do you actuallt meditate and where?

Jasmine Y.
I have been meditating on a morning so I am setting myself up for a clear and productive day. I sit in my bean bag in my kitchen.
Leonard C.
As soon as I wake, after using the bathroom and brushing my teeth, I workout for about 30 minutes. As I cool down from my exercise, I squeeze my mediation in.

I find it very useful for many reasons.
– I can concentrate on my breathing while meditating which in turn makes the cool down effective.
– I can reflect on how my body has progressed over the weeks and my increased strength and stamina during my workouts.
– Conquering my fitness goals in the beginning of the day sets me up for success for the rest of the day. This has a very positive impact on my meditation.
– I save time as I club cool down and meditating together.

Jen E.
I try to meditate in the early afternoon as that's a time when I'm free and know I won't be disturbed. I actually just meditate sitting cross legged on my sofa! Anywhere that's comfortable for you is fine. If I have the motivation, I also do a short meditation in bed just before going to sleep, this helps me to unwind from any stress created during the day.
Shelby U.
I meditate in my bedroom by all my houseplants. The smell of the dirt and humid air brings me quite a bit of peace. My dog is usually with me as well
Tamica O.
I usually do a shower meditation every time I shower. When I wash with soap I imagine the soap cleansing me of all my stress, fears, frustrations ect…. And when I rinse the soap off I imagine all those negative feelings be removed from my body and being rinsed down the drain. I inhale fully and exhale slowly and when I’m done I feel mentally and physically clean.
Asta W.
I meditate in the evening before bedtime to help clear away the day and prepare for sleep.
I have a Kangaroo mat that I use with my standing desk and I sit on it while I meditate since it's cushy enough that I don't get distracted by the discomfort of the floor, but it's also somewhere I only sit when I meditate, so I don't slip into a work headspace or get so comfortable that I forget what I'm doing.
Jakob O.
I'm is starting to learn & be in tuned with meditation so I can start to have a clear set of boundaries with myself & mind…so this transition is hopefully & definitely going to be an inspiration twds a brighter future
Sejal T.
I do breathing exercises and yoga in my home and I drink a cup of green tea after meditation which makes me feel fresh everytime.
Corbin Q.
I find the best time to be in the morning. It helps me start the day with a more positive mindset. However, I recommend meditating throughout the day. Any time you feel stressed or anxious is a great time as well. Take a break, close your eyes and focus on your breath, then slowing your heart, then nothing, or however you feel you meditate best. Even if you’re not feeling stressed or anxious, It’s good to meditate. I aim for meditating twice through the day for at least 10 minutes. I’m working towards mediating around every 2-3 hours. In the mornings I do the Wim Hof Breathing Method on an empty stomach, which is highly conducive to meditation, so I meditate while I do it and after. As far as where I meditate, I do it in my room. Anywhere you feel comfortable is ideal.
Andrea O.
If it's for chakras, usually midday. If it's for regular awareness usually at night.
For chakras I sit on my mat criss cross position. For awareness it depends. Sometimes on my mat or bed. Position either criss cross or kind of in a prayer position.
Baptist X.
I meditate both indoors and I sit or lay on a mat and light up candles and if I'm indoors I have a little water and incense fountain.if I need to calm down in a hurry I go to my room turn off all lights turn on relaxing music and lay on my bed without destractions.
Anna F.
I meditate in the morning as soon as I wake up and just before going to sleep in the night. I sit (morning) on the bed or on a chair, or lay down (night) on my bed but I'm planning to get a meditation pillow soon because it helps to stay straight with the back when sitting that is something that I struggle with as I have backpain.
Michaela U.
In the mornings after I do yoga yo wake up my body and I sit up in bed and focus on good thoughts and feelings for the day ahead
Nikki Z.
I usually meditate in the morning, after I wake up and I do it in my room. Sometimes I meditate in the afternoon, sunset time!